Commercial Snow Plowing/De-Icing

At San Marino Outdoor Services, we offer many options for your winter safety needs. From minimal plowing to zero tolerance of unsafe conditions, we can perform every level of service that your property demands.

All possible snow services are available from snow plowing, sidewalk clearing, snow hauling and all forms of de-icing. For every snow event, we guarantee a timely response catered to the wishes of each customer. Our mass stockpiling of rock salt and sidewalk deicing products ensures your availability during winters where shortages threaten the industry.

We want to offer the finest and most cost effective snow plowing plan for each property we maintain. Effective communication – 24 hours a day – not only for service, but for any questions or comments, helps us to work together and quickly address wintertime needs.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Leaf clearing, mulching, lawn patching, ornamental planting bed edging and maintenance are priorities in spring and fall. Our crew of uniformed professionals have the experience and the tools necessary to clean up and spruce up the landscape in spring and fall.

Spring and fall are good times to maintain trees and shrubs too. See our Tree Services page for complete information.

Summer Maintenance

A weekly lawn care schedule is the backbone of summer landscape maintenance. Our crews can also take note of turf problems caused by vehicle damage, pests and diseases, or a lack of proper watering.